Brown Sugar Ceylon Bubble Tea

Brown Sugar Ceylon Bubble Tea

Brown Sugar Ceylon Black Bubble Tea


Tapioca Pearls 

Ceylon Black Te

Condensed Milk

Milk Formula 


1. Add the Tapioca Pearls into boiled water and boil it for 13 minutes. Don't forget to stir the pearls while boiling it.

2. Add brown sugar and boil for another 5 minutes while stirring it. Then put the lid on and stay for 15 minutes. Then cool it down. 

3. Brew the Ceylon Black Tea for 18 minutes 

4. Blend the Milk Formula, Condensed Milk, and Fructose with the tea and filter it. 

5. Put the Tapioca Pearls on the bottom of the cup then rotate the cup from the side. Make sure the color stick on the cup. 

6. Fill the cup with ice cubes then add mixed tea inside the cup. 

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